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Land Sector Technical Reports

Technical Reports

TR 01 Setting the Frame
TR 02 Changes in Soil Carbon through Changed Land Use
TR 03 Estimating Change in Woody Biomass
TR 04 History of Land Clearing
TR 05a Review for Estimating Woody Biomass
TR 05b Review for Estimating Woody Biomass
TR 06 Decay of Coarse Woody Debris
TR 07 Carbon Content of Woody Roots
TR 08 Life Cycle of Wood Products
TR 09 Remote Sensing Land Cover Change
TR 10 1990 Baseline Implementation
TR 11 1990 Baseline Implementation Review
TR 12 Pre-Clearing Soil Carbon Levels
TR 13 Agricultural Land Use
TR 14 Protocols for Carbon Estimation in Soil, Litter et al
TR 15 Carbon Conversion Factors for SC Data
TR 16 Remote Sensing Pilot Tests
TR 17 Review of Root Biomass & Design of Woody Biomass Sampling
TR 18 Woody Density Phase 1
TR 20 Change in Soil Carbon Following Afforestation or Reforestation
TR 21 NCAS System Design
TR 22 Above-Ground Carbon Contents of Trees
TR 23 National Forest Productivity Model
TR 24 Wood Product Accounting Options
TR 25 Unpublished Biomass Related Information
TR 26 CAMFor User Manual
TR 27 Biomass Estimation Approaches
TR 28 Implementation of FullCAM
TR 29 Preliminary Simulations using GRC3 and Sensitivity Analyses
TR 30 Sensitivity Analysis of the RothC Soil Carbon Model
TR 31 Protocol for Sampling Tree and Stand Biomass
TR 33 Community Biomass Stocks in White Cypress Pine & Associated Eucalypts
TR 34 Paired Site Sampling for SC Estimation
TR 35 Nitrous Oxide from Australian Agricultural and Forest Lands
TR 36 Soils Modelling for NCAS
TR 37 Paired Site Sampling for Carbon Estimation in Queensland Part 1
TR 37 Paired Site Sampling for Carbon Estimation in Queensland Part 2
TR 38 Paired Site Sampling for Carbon Estimation in WA
TR 39 Continuous Improvement in NCAS
TR 40 Calibration of FullCAM beta Model
TR 41 Calibration of the FullCAM Model to Eucalyptus globulus and Pinus radiata
TR 42 Outcomes from Workshop (Canopy Cover Estimates)
TR 43 Impact of Tillage on Soil Carbon Changes
TR 44 Spatial Estimates of Biomass in 'Mature' Native Vegetation
TR 45 Review of CN Ratios in Vegetation, Litter and Soil
TR 46 Update on NCAS Continuous Improvement

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